Antique Persian Qajar Pottery Figure Statue Rostam Ferdowsi Shahmaneh Islamic dated 1804

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An incredibly rare antique Persian pottery figure of the Persian hero Rostam, from Ferdowsi's epic The Shahnameh, dated 1804.

The figure is signed and has the Hijri date of 1218 (which equates to the Gregorian date of 1804) from the late Safavid/ very early Qajar dynasty. The figural group represents Rostam (Rustam) killing the white demon from the Persian 10th century poet Ferdowsi and his epic poem the "Shahnameh" (Book of Kings), Rostam was ancient Persia's Hercules.
In ancient Persian mythology Rostam's history can be traced back to the 7th century, his feats of strength as a warrior became legendary in the Shahnameh. This pottery figural group depicts Rostam killing the white demon Div-e Sepid who was the chieftain of the Demons of Mazandaran (The devil's place), he possessed great physical strength and powers of sorcery. Rostam is depicted wearing traditional Persian armor, wearing a Khula Khud (helmet) and with a Dhal to his back (a traditional circular shield from the Indian Sub-continent)
The pottery group is signed and dated in a circular cartouche on the plinth, condition is very good.
Rostam is frequently represented in Persian miniature paintings but this is a very rare & important antique museum quality Persian pottery figural group.


30.5 inches high × 30 inches wide × 16 inches deep


high × wide x deep

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