Antique Spanish Art Nouveau Bronze Neo-Classical Sculpture Statue Bacchante 1890 By Gustave Obiols Delgado

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A very good antique Neo-Classical bronze of a Bacchante or Maenad, by Spanish sculptor Gustave Obiols Delgado (1858-1902). The sculpture circa 1890.
This large & very attractive, finely modeled bronze depicts a female follower of Dionysus the Greek god of wine, fruit, religious ecstacy, fertility, he was also known as Bacchus, a name later adopted by the Romans. These female figures were also referred to as Maenads, which translates as "raving ones". These women were often portrayed in states of  ecstatic frenzy characterized through dancing & feuled by wine, often they would handle or wear snakes. This statue depicts a Maenad in frenzied dance, holding a mask in one hand and a thyrsus (a stick wrapped in vine leaves and tipped with a pine cone).
The bronze is raised on a varrigated orange marble plinth with brown and cream striations, the bronze is signed "G. Obiols". Condition is excellent, wonderful patina to the bronze and no damage or restoration, ready to display in your home or possbily wine cellar?

Born in 1858 in Spain, Gustave Obiols Delgado was a Sculptor from the Girona town of Figueras according to some, and from Berga according to the Great Catalan Encyclopedia, among his works were "A Gypsy", a large terracotta statue that he gave in 1877 for the raffle to benefit the family of the painter and draftsman Padró. He created a monumental fireplace for the 1889 Great Paris Exhibition and two vases with Japanese figures for the same event. At the National Exhibition of 1890 he presented his statue of Ariadne, the princess of the island of Crete, from Greek mythology. Obiols' work can be found in many of the leading art museums & galleries in Europe and North America.  



22 inches high × 15 inches wide × 7 inches deep


high × wide x deep

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